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ADE Office of Information Technology launches new Arkansas Division of Public School Academic Facilities & Transportation (DPSAFT) website

The Arkansas Department of Education, Office of Information Technology is pleased to announce the release of Arkansas Division of Public School Academic Facilities & Transportation (DPSAFT) new website.

The website is built on modern .NET Core computer language that is simplified and more user friendly. NET Core offers more and more components and libraries for use. In May 2019, Microsoft announced WPF and WinForms under . NET Core, giving developers desktop application compatibility and the possibility to migrate old apps to . NET Core in the future. Information is more easily accessible where-in stakeholders were asked for input on the new website. This aligns with Governor’s Transformation. The web portal incorporates universal Search feature along with Chat-Bot feature (QnA maker).

The web portal is augmented by in-built Content Management System (CMS)  that allows for seamless updates by the Division itself.


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