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My School Info – Reports tab launch and October 2017 Enhancements

The Arkansas Department of Education is pleased to announce the release of Reports tab for schools/districts for My School Info (MSI) along with the October 2017 Enhancements.

The October 2017 update of My School Info provides several new features, reports, and additional data sets:

  • A report has been added named “Act 1015 Discipline Reporting”.  This report contains students per 100 data and disciplinary action counts broken down by demographic populations.  This data can also be added to custom reports or statewide reports with a new set of data elements.
  • The Annual Statistical Report has been added as a new report for Districts and the State of Arkansas.  Actual totals and budgeted totals are displayed on a graph and the new data elements are available for custom reports or statewide reports.
  • There is a new report available for schools which displays a detailed list of waivers granted to the school by the Arkansas Department of Education.  A short summary of those waivers is also available on each school’s profile page.
  • A new dataset has been added to show the Workforce Stability Index (WSI).
  • When building custom reports or selecting data elements to be displayed on a Statewide Report, all Assessment datasets have been rolled up under a single section named “Student Assessment”.  There is also a new section named “Reports” which contains data elements related to the newly released reports.
  • The School/District search has been updated to use filtering criteria for the 2016-2017 school year. 

My School Info – Reports video showcase:

Visit My School Info using the URL:

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