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Release of Report Cards 3.0 on My School Info Portal

The Arkansas Department of Education, Office of Information Technology along with Public School Accountability is pleased to announce the release of Report Cards, Version 3.0 for its stakeholders: schools, districts, researchers and parents on the My School Info data portal.

Reports Cards, 3.0 URL:

Below are the ten (10) new features with Reports Cards 3.0:

  1. Addition of School Year filter driving the entire Report Cards
  2. Addition of LEA filter for direct access
  3. Addition of sorting By Name.
  4. Addition of sorting By LEA Number
  5. Addition of one-click view option
  6. Addition of one-click PDF download option
  7. Ability to “Share Report” on the fly
  8. Continued access to traditional Reports folder
  9. Optimizing the Batch Reports for district-users
  10. Addition of data indicators on the left-hand menu



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