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The ADE Data Center is a collection of data systems, data tools and informational reports for educators, policy makers, teachers, parents, school districts, and anyone interested in official data from the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE). This site is maintained by the ADE Office of Information Technology and most data is provided by Arkansas public school districts.

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Latest Commissioner's Memo

COM-22-156 05/26/2022

Division: Legal Services

COM-22-155 05/26/2022

Division: Central Administration

FIN-22-041 05/25/2022

Division: Fiscal & Administrative Services

FT-22-008 05/25/2022

Division: Facilities & Transportation

CNU-22-028 05/25/2022

Division: Child Nutrition

FIN-22-044 05/25/2022

Division: Fiscal & Administrative Services

RT-22-017 05/25/2022

Division: Research & Technology

OIT-22-016 05/25/2022

Division: Office of Information Technology

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