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My School Info: Beginning of the School Year, 2018 - 2019 data releases

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Office of Information Technology is pleased to announce the release of the “Beginning of the School Year, 2018 – 2019” data updates on My School Info.

The list of data areas included for the beginning of the school year are mentioned as below:

  • LEA: Co-op, District, School Directory Information
  • LEA Program Status: Before School, After School, Weekends, Summer Program, Breakfast Program, Lunch Program, Academic Program, Enrichment Program Information
  • LEA Status: Four Day, Alternative, Block Schedule, Federal Program Status, Magnet, Night, North Central Accreditation, Year Round Information
  • School Board Counts
  • School Choice Counts
  • Student Enrollment Counts by LEA
  • Student Enrollment Counts by Grade
  • Student Enrollment Counts by Race
  • Free, Reduced and Paid (Meal Status) Lunch Counts
  • Course Enrollment Counts
  • Gifted and Talented Student Counts
  • Home Language Student Counts
  • Homeless Type Student Counts
  • Military Type Student Counts
  • Pre-K Enrollment by Type Counts
  • Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) Enrollment Counts
  • Teacher Salary Schedule Information
  • Teacher Counts
  • Licensed Staff Counts
  • Classified Staff Count

Visit My School Info using the URL:

The data source for the above data sets are based on Statewide Information System, Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 certified submission from school districts and pulled from ADE’s K-12 State Data Warehouse.

Steps to run a Report

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Search for a particular LEA
  3. Select the appropriate school year
  4. Select the data elements needed for the specific report
  5. Click on Generate Report

Note: LEA stands for Local Education Agency, associated with LEA # which is the unique seven-digit number assigned by the ADE to identify districts, schools, and cooperatives.

New Standards for Accreditation (SFA) Tool LIVE! on ADE Data Center

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Standards and Systems Support Unit, in collaboration with the Office of Information Technology, is pleased to announce the release of the new Standards for Accreditation (SFA) application:  The SFA enables the public to view school district accreditation reports approved by the Arkansas Department of Education and enables school districts to view data which forms the annual accreditation report. ADE approved accreditation reports are publicly accessible while preliminary accreditation reports are restricted to authorized school district personnel.

The SFA will automatically send emails (October - April) on the 21st of the month to the superintendent, assistant superintendent(s) and principals to review the preliminary accreditation reports.

SFA Modules

The new SFA application has the following modules, as listed below. District users are encouraged to log-on to SFA and download the SFA User Guide published on the Support tab, post log-on to SFA: Top Menu Bar.

  • New SFA Landing Page on ADE Data Center
  • SFA Home / Dashboard
  • SFA Trend
  • SFA Ticketing Module
  • SFA Document Management: Statement of Assurance
  • SFA Waivers
  • SFA Master Schedule
  • SFA Build
  • Reporting Module
  • FAQ Module
  • SFA Support

District users must use the built-in Ticketing Module within the SFA application to request valid overrides to standards exceptions. Each override request via the Ticket requires upload of supporting documentation by district users. Once the override request is reviewed and approved by the ADE specialist, the exception will turn green after the nightly build.

For SFA general support, please e-mail: ade.accreditation@Arkansas.Gov.



2018 ESSA School Index and Accountability At-A-Glance Reports Released on My School Info

On October 12, 2018, the Arkansas Department of Education released the 2018 Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Index and Accountability At-A-Glance reports for public viewing on My School Info  The reports include data from the 2017-2018 school year, including 2018 ACT Aspire results.

Previously, school performance data was released in April in the year following administration of the statewide assessment. Based on stakeholder feedback, ADE shortened the timeline for the data release to allow schools to use the latest information to make data-driven decisions this school year. 

Both the 2018 ESSA School Index and Accountability At-A-Glance reports are available on ADE’s My School Info website: The Accountability At-A-Glance, a quick overview of each school’s state (letter grade) and federal accountability results, can be found on the My School Info page under the School Rating tab. For more details about each school’s data, please read the ESSA School Index report located under the Reports tab, which includes students’ weighted achievement and growth on state required assessments for grades three through 10, graduation rates, and school quality and student success indicators.

Earlier on September 21, 2018 -- the 2018 ESSA School Index and Accountability At-A-Glance reports were released via a Private (Secured) mode requiring log-on for My School Info. The final extended review period closed on October 5, 2018 for school districts.

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