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My School Info - January 2017 Enhancements

The January 2017 update of My School Info (MSI) provides several new features and additional data sets as listed below:

  • Share a Report capability
  • My Saved Reports functionality
  • Slider for Multiple Years
  • Implementation of Search Engine Optimization
  • Travelling transparent-type Top Menu Bar option
  • MSI Plus (District Statewide/School Statewide Reports) – Hyperlinked to LEA/Number for detailed info
  • Navigation option available from MSI – Search to MSI Plus (District Statewide/School Statewide Reports) by using search filters
  • New Data Sets: Congressional District search; ACT Aspire Science scores; Licensure Code Exception; Computer Science Initiative (Act 187 of 2015); Dyslexia; etc.

After logging into My School Info, authorized users can now see a “My Saved Reports” page that will allow them to save a custom report or, statewide report for later use with “Save Report” feature. Users who are not logged into the system can send a custom report or, statewide report to an e-mail address with the “Share Report” feature.

Custom reports have been enhanced with a new slider to choose the year range to run the reports.

Statewide reports can now be limited to specific list of schools or, districts by performing a school or, district search and then clicking “Generate Report”. In addition, when viewing a statewide report, a school or, district can be viewed by clicking on the name of the school or, district.

New data sets available to include: ACT Performance Counts which include the number of students tested, ACT Aspire Science scores, teacher license exceptions, computer science enrollment by course and by grade and race, and student dyslexia counts,

Please refer the attached PDF document with the memo for more detailed instructions.

My School Info enhancement features video showcase:

My School Info URL:

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