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ADE District Bandwith Information Survey Released!

ADE District Bandwith Information Survey

The ADE built a bandwidth survey site in the form of District Bandwith Information Survey for school districts to use as an authoritative place to house data on bandwidth.  The survey has been pre-populated with data from APSCN and the DIS.  It is intended to be a living database that can be maintained throughout the school year.  The survey will be announced via an ADE Commissioner’s Memo later today, but we wanted to give you a heads-up as well. 

The survey can be accessed with any valid district-level Triand Username & Password at the following URL on the ADE Data Center:

The ADE is requesting that you review the bandwidth data, update as necessary and submit it to the ADE by Monday, August 19. We’ve attempted to pre-populate as much as possible to reduce the amount of data entry, but there are some questions, particularly those about future planned bandwidth purchases, we’re unable to pre-populate.

There are notable questions on upload bandwidth, line type and local network (LAN) configurations that are not on the survey.  These may be added in the future.  We’ve attempted to limit the survey to the most pressing questions from the Quality Digital Learning Study Group and the FASTER Arkansas committee.


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