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ADE Quick Links Website Release

The Arkansas Department of Educations (ADE) is pleased to announce the release of a new website in the form of ADE Quick Links. The website is available at

The ADE Quick Links website is equipped with quick launch-pads and shortcuts for department’s important data and information related web tools as listed below and has Mobile and Tablet View compatibility functionalities.

ADE Quick Links Modules:

  • ADE Commissioner’s Memo
  • ADE Staff Directory
  • School District Information
  • ADE Data Center
  • StudentGPS Dashboard
  • School Personnel Directory
  • Statewide Information System
  • Arkansas Student Intervention System
  • Standards – Curriculum Framework Documents

The department is constantly working on making most of the above launch-pads compatible with mobile and tablet viewing. ADE Commissioner’s Memo and School District Information (LEA Information) already have mobile and tablet view compatibility options with today’s release. School Personnel Directory and ADE Staff Directory will be next applications to follow-on. School Administrators are encouraged to keep the School Personnel Directory information updated in APSCN by directing their district's APSCN/SIS Cycle Coordinator accordingly.

ADE Enterprise-level Information Systems like Arkansas Student Intervention System, StudentGPS Dashboard and Statewide Information System launch pad information have been added to ADE Quick links to provide a quick information guide for the systems. For logging-on to these systems, please continue to use the regular website links using Internet Explorer web browser.

The new website is ready for access now. For feedback and improvement, please email comments to ADE Division of Research and Technology at ADE.RTWEB@Arkansas.Gov.

New ADE Commissioner's Memo System

The Arkansas Department of Education is pleased to announce the development of a new ADE Commissioner’s Memo (ACM) system. The system is available at and includes multiple enhancements that are user-friendly.

The new ACM system includes the following major enhancements:

  • Automatic E-Mail Push notifications to School District Personnel - Superintendents, principals, federal program coordinators, technology coordinators, test coordinators, and general business managers will receive subject-related e-mails notifying them once new memos are posted. E-mail addresses are pulled from the Arkansas Public School Computer Network (APSCN), so districts are encouraged to update their contact information in Statewide Information System (SIS).
  • E-mail Subscription Feature – This feature, which conforms to the Arkansas Single Sign-On (SSO) system, allows individuals to subscribe to receive memos. Because of IT security concerns, SSO prohibits certain e-mail domains from being used. School personnel are encouraged to use their district-provided e-mail addresses to sign up to receive the notices.
  • After Hours E-mail Blasts – The system allows ADE to release important notices immediately, including after hours. This allows designated school district personnel or those who have signed up for the e-mail subscription feature to receive critical updates at any time.
  • Mobile and Tablet View Compatibility – The new system is now mobile and tablet friendly. Users of mobile and tablet devices will be able to view memos easily from their smart phones and devices.


Website URL:

IT Security Policy

IT Security Policy

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) recently conducted an analysis of the IT Security Policy and solicited feedback for revisions needed to the policy.  The IT Security Policy has been updated by ADE in collaboration with the Department of Information Systems, Bureau of Legislative Audit, and district technology coordinators across the state.  The policy revisions reflect national best practices for each of the seven standards: Security Management, Physical Security, Network Security, Access Control, Application Development & Maintenance, Incident Management, and Business Continuity. 

The updated IT Security Policy is reference to memo # RT-15-010 and has been posted on the ADE Data Center by selecting the ‘Security Resources,”


Memo #: RT-15-010

Arkansas Department of Education launches School Report Card – Data by LEA Portal

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) expanded its ADE School Performance Report Card website to include School Report Card – Data by LEA Portal. The portal has been designed and architected by the Division of Research & Technology at the Arkansas Department of Education.

The School Report Card – Data by LEA Portal has reports on various subject areas as listed below, that can be downloaded in the form of Excel, CSV and PDF and is extremely useful data researchers and stakeholders to facilitate data-driven decision making (DDDM).

Website URL:

Subject Areas:

  • District Characteristics
  • Student Demographics
  • Achievement - Benchmark
  • Achievement - NRT
  • Achievement - College Entrance
  • School Performance
  • School Environment
  • Retention
  • Teacher Quality
  • School Board Members
  • School Choice
  • School Funding
Arkansas Earns Top Spot for Education Information Systems by DQC

Arkansas Earns Top Spot for Education Information Systems by DQC

The Data Quality Campaign (DQC) identified Arkansas as a leading state in its Data for Action 2014 report.   The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) is joined by Kentucky and Delaware for the top spot.   More information about the achievement, including an executive summary, is provided below. 

  • Executive Summary Link:

This is an achievement for ADE and Arkansas Public Schools.  It speaks to the growing culture of data use and the ability of school districts to submit complete, correct and current data for data-driven decision making capabilities at all levels in education.  

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