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No. Application Name Code Category Type Contact Person Contact Email Login Type
1 Arkansas Division of Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation (DPSAFT) Portal DPSAFT Facilities and Transportation Tim Cain
2 Active Directory Account Management System ADAM District Operations & Fiscal Governance Bobby Downum
3 ADE Acronym Translator AAT Information & Data Portals Arijit Sarkar
4 ADE Check-In Application ACA ADE Intranet Apps Greg Rogers
5 ADE Cohort Graduation Rates System ACGRS Systems of Accountability: ESSA Louis Ferren
6 ADE Commissioner's Memo ACM Information & Data Portals Arijit Sarkar
7 ADE Educator Effectiveness System EES Human Capital: Licensure Tools Andy Sullivan
8 ADE Employees Directory AED Directory Apps Arijit Sarkar
9 ADE Quick Links AQL Information & Data Portals Rionel Tee
10 ADE School Report Card - Archives SRC Systems of Accountability: ESSA Alexandra Boyd
11 ADHE Content Management System ADHE - CMS ADE Intranet Apps Tiffany Donovan
12 AELS Professional Licensure Description PLD Human Capital: Licensure Tools Melissa Jacks
13 AIP - ADE IT Shared Services Ticket System AIP - ITSS ADE Intranet Apps Michael Gates
14 AIP - Maintenance Request System AIP - MRS ADE Intranet Apps William Davis
15 Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Portal ADE Information & Data Portals Arijit Sarkar
16 Arkansas Digital Locker ADEL District Operations & Fiscal Governance Daniel Collier
17 Arkansas Digital Sandbox ADS Student Support Services Daniel Collier
18 Arkansas Division of Higher Education (ADHE) Portal ADHE Information & Data Portals Tiffany Donovan
19 Arkansas ED Reports AR - EDR Academics Kiffany Pride
20 Arkansas Educator Licensure System AELS Human Capital: Licensure Tools Melissa Jacks
21 Arkansas Online Media Initiatives AITU Academics Daniel Collier
22 Arkansas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired (ASBVI) Web Portal ASBVI Information & Data Portals William Harrison
23 Arkansas School for the Deaf Web Portal ASD Information & Data Portals Dr. Faysal Ahmed
24 Assessment Correction Engine ACE Systems of Accountability: ESSA Louis Ferren
25 CN On-line Claim Application CN District Operations & Fiscal Governance Sheila Chastain
26 Community Advisory Board Application CABA District Operations & Fiscal Governance Gina Windle
27 Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment CLNA District Operations & Fiscal Governance Ross White
28 Course Approval System CAS Academics Kandys Triplett
29 Course Code Management System CCMS Academics Kandys Triplett
30 DCTE Reports Portal DRP Information & Data Portals Ross White
31 DESE - School Report Card 3.0 RC 3.0 Systems of Accountability: ESSA Arijit Sarkar
32 Direct Certification Portal DC Student Support Services Mary Lee Dennis
33 Division of Career & Technical Education (DCTE) Portal DCTE Information & Data Portals Mary Beck
34 Division of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE) Portal DESE Information & Data Portals Bobbie Handcock
35 Duplicate Enrollment Audit Portal DEAP District Operations & Fiscal Governance Tammi Rickert
36 Educator Preparation Provider Reports EPPR Human Capital: Licensure Tools Frank Servedio
37 ESSER Transparency Dashboard ETD District Operations & Fiscal Governance April Cooper
38 Federal Grants Management System FGMS District Operations & Fiscal Governance Annette Pearson
39 Financial Management System EFP District Operations & Fiscal Governance Kathleen Crain
40 HRS - Office of Personnel Management Forms HRS - OPM ADE Intranet Apps Teletha Leonard
41 Human Resources System | On-Boarding HRS - ON ADE Intranet Apps Clemetta Hood
42 Job Code Management System JCMS Human Capital: Licensure Tools Melissa Jacks
43 K-12 Electronic Transcripts TRIAND Student Support Services Angel Peugh
44 L.E.A.R.N.S. Portal LEARNS Information & Data Portals Courtney Salas-Ford
45 LEA - Insights | Career Coaches Portal CCP Student Support Services Sonja McMurray
46 LEA - Insights | Core: Curriculum Transparency Survey Tool LEA - CST District Operations & Fiscal Governance Stacy Smith Stacy.Smith@ADE.Arkansas.Gov
47 LEA - Insights | Core: School Communication Tool LEA - SCT District Operations & Fiscal Governance Kimberly Mundell
48 LEA - Insights | CTE Data Portal: Perkins V CTE Student Support Services Angela Kremers
49 LEA - Insights | Digital Learning and AMI Application DL - AMI District Operations & Fiscal Governance Dr. Ivy Pfeffer
50 LEA - Insights | Enhanced Student Achievement LEA - ESA Academics Ivy Pfeffer
51 LEA - Insights | Facilities and Transportation LEA - F|T Facilities and Transportation Tim Cain
52 LEA - Insights | Human Capital Planner Tool HCPT Human Capital: Licensure Tools Karli Saracini
53 LEA - Insights | LEA Assignment LEA - A Information & Data Portals Carmen Jordan
54 LEA - Insights | School Value-Added Growth LEA - SVAG Academics Debroah Coffman
55 LEA - Insights | Survey Module LEA - I|S Information & Data Portals Arijit Sarkar
56 LEA - Insights | Version 2020.1 LEA - I Information & Data Portals Arijit Sarkar
57 LEA Insights - Teacher Value-Added Measures TVAMs Academics Andy Sullivan
58 LEA Insights | Paraprofessionals Qualification System LEA - PQS District Operations & Fiscal Governance Elizabathe Gomez
59 LEA Insights | Teacher Student Data Link (Teacher Growth) LEA - TSDL Academics Debroah Coffman
60 LEA Locator LEA - L Directory Apps Reshmi Jose
61 Master Planning Tool MPT Facilities and Transportation Tim Cain
62 Microsoft 365 M365 Information & Data Portals Michael Gates
63 Microsoft 365 | OneDrive M365 - OD ADE Intranet Apps Nathan Moss
64 My School Info MSI Information & Data Portals Arijit Sarkar
65 NCES ID System NID Directory Apps Linda Jenkins
66 Notice of Intent to Home School NOI Student Support Services Trish Wilcox
67 Professional Development Submission & Management System PDSAM District Operations & Fiscal Governance Cindy Hogue
68 Scholarship Application Management System SAMS Student Support Services Alisha Lewis
69 Scholarship Application Management System - SAMS Portal SAMS - P Student Support Services Alisha Lewis
70 School Dude SDU Facilities and Transportation Darrell Tessman
71 School Personnel Directory SPD Directory Apps Rionel Tee
72 Security Resources Portal SRP District Operations & Fiscal Governance Bobby Downum
73 SIS Cycle Status Dashboard SIS - CSD District Operations & Fiscal Governance Reshmi Jose
74 SPED Monitoring and Management System SMMS Student Support Services Matt Sewell
75 Standards For Accreditation SFA District Operations & Fiscal Governance Dr. Matthew Sutherlin
76 Statewide Community Resources Portal SCR Student Support Services Missy Walley
77 Statewide Information System SIS District Operations & Fiscal Governance Reshmi Jose
78 Statewide Information System - Handbook Portal SIS - H Information & Data Portals Jeff Cantwell
79 Statewide Information System Reports (Legacy Data Center) SISR Information & Data Portals Michelle Staton
80 Student Management System ESP Academics Carmen Jordan
81 Succeed Scholarship Program SSP Student Support Services Rhonda Saunders

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