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No. Application Name Code Category Type Contact Person Contact Email Login Type
1 Arkansas Division of Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation (DPSAFT) Portal DPSAFT Facilities and Transportation Tim Cain
2 Active Directory Account Management System ADAM District Operations & Fiscal Governance Bobby Downum
3 ADE Acronym Translator AAT Information & Data Portals Arijit Sarkar
4 ADE Check-In Application ACA ADE Intranet Apps Greg Rogers
5 ADE Cohort Graduation Rates System ACGRS Systems of Accountability: ESSA Louis Ferren
6 ADE Commissioner's Memo ACM Information & Data Portals Arijit Sarkar
7 ADE Educator Effectiveness System EES Human Capital: Licensure Tools Andy Sullivan
8 ADE Employees Directory AED Directory Apps Arijit Sarkar
9 ADE Quick Links AQL Information & Data Portals Rionel Tee
10 ADE School Report Card - Archives SRC Systems of Accountability: ESSA Hope Worsham
11 ADHE Content Management System ADHE - CMS ADE Intranet Apps Tiffany Donovan
12 AELS Professional Licensure Description PLD Human Capital: Licensure Tools Melissa Jacks
13 AIP - ADE IT Shared Services Ticket System AIP - ITSS ADE Intranet Apps Michael Gates
14 AIP - Maintenance Request System AIP - MRS ADE Intranet Apps William Davis
15 Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Portal ADE Information & Data Portals Arijit Sarkar
16 Arkansas Digital Locker ADEL District Operations & Fiscal Governance Daniel Collier
17 Arkansas Digital Sandbox ADS Student Support Services Daniel Collier
18 Arkansas Division of Higher Education (ADHE) Portal ADHE Information & Data Portals Tiffany Donovan
19 Arkansas ED Reports AR - EDR Academics Kiffany Pride
20 Arkansas Educator Licensure System AELS Human Capital: Licensure Tools Melissa Jacks
21 Arkansas Online Media Initiatives AITU Academics Daniel Collier
22 Arkansas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired (ASBVI) Web Portal ASBVI Information & Data Portals William Harrison
23 Arkansas School for the Deaf Web Portal ASD Information & Data Portals Dr. Faysal Ahmed
24 Assessment Correction Engine ACE Systems of Accountability: ESSA Louis Ferren
25 CN On-line Claim Application CN District Operations & Fiscal Governance Sheila Chastain
26 Community Advisory Board Application CABA District Operations & Fiscal Governance Gina Windle
27 Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment CLNA District Operations & Fiscal Governance Ross White
28 Course Approval System CAS Academics Kandys Triplett
29 Course Code Management System CCMS Academics Kandys Triplett
30 DCTE Reports Portal DRP Information & Data Portals Ross White
31 DESE - School Report Card 3.0 RC 3.0 Systems of Accountability: ESSA Arijit Sarkar
32 Digital Locker ADL Academics Missy Walley
33 Direct Certification Portal DC Student Support Services Mary Lee Dennis
34 Division of Career & Technical Education (DCTE) Portal DCTE Information & Data Portals Mary Beck
35 Division of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE) Portal DESE Information & Data Portals Felecia Parker
36 Duplicate Enrollment Audit Portal DEAP District Operations & Fiscal Governance Tammi Rickert
37 Education Freedom Account System EFAS Student Support Services Darrell Smith
38 Educator Preparation Provider Reports EPPR Human Capital: Licensure Tools Frank Servedio
39 ESSER Transparency Dashboard ETD District Operations & Fiscal Governance April Cooper
40 Federal Grants Management System FGMS District Operations & Fiscal Governance Annette Pearson
41 Financial Management System EFP District Operations & Fiscal Governance Nona Comer
42 HRS - Office of Personnel Management Forms HRS - OPM ADE Intranet Apps Teletha Leonard
43 Human Resources System | On-Boarding HRS - ON ADE Intranet Apps Clemetta Hood
44 Job Code Management System JCMS Human Capital: Licensure Tools Melissa Jacks
45 K-12 Electronic Transcripts TRIAND Student Support Services Angel Peugh
46 L.E.A.R.N.S. Portal LEARNS Information & Data Portals Courtney Salas-Ford
47 LEA - Insights | Career Coaches Portal CCP Student Support Services Sonja McMurray
48 LEA - Insights | Core: Curriculum Transparency Survey Tool LEA - CST District Operations & Fiscal Governance Stacy Smith Stacy.Smith@ADE.Arkansas.Gov
49 LEA - Insights | Core: School Communication Tool LEA - SCT District Operations & Fiscal Governance Kimberly Mundell
50 LEA - Insights | CTE Data Portal: Perkins V CTE Student Support Services Angela Kremers
51 LEA - Insights | Digital Learning and AMI Application DL - AMI District Operations & Fiscal Governance Hope Worsham
52 LEA - Insights | Enhanced Student Achievement LEA - ESA Academics Eric Saunders
53 LEA - Insights | Facilities and Transportation LEA - F|T Facilities and Transportation Tim Cain
54 LEA - Insights | Facility Security Check LEA - FSC Student Support Services Tim Cain
55 LEA - Insights | Human Capital Planner Tool HCPT Human Capital: Licensure Tools Karli Saracini
56 LEA - Insights | LEA Assignment LEA - A Information & Data Portals Carmen Jordan
57 LEA - Insights | School Value-Added Growth LEA - SVAG Academics Hope Worsham
58 LEA - Insights | Survey Module LEA - I|S Information & Data Portals Arijit Sarkar
59 LEA - Insights | Version 2020.1 LEA - I Information & Data Portals Arijit Sarkar
60 LEA Insights - Teacher Value-Added Measures LEA - TVAM Academics Andy Sullivan
61 LEA Insights | Paraprofessionals Qualification System LEA - PQS District Operations & Fiscal Governance Elizabathe Gomez
62 LEA Insights | Teacher Student Data Link (Teacher Growth) LEA - TSDL Academics Hope Worsham
63 LEA Locator LEA - L Directory Apps Reshmi Jose
64 Master Planning Tool MPT Facilities and Transportation Tim Cain
65 Microsoft 365 M365 Information & Data Portals Michael Gates
66 Microsoft 365 | OneDrive M365 - OD ADE Intranet Apps Nathan Moss
67 My School Info MSI Information & Data Portals Arijit Sarkar
68 NCES ID System NID Directory Apps Linda Jenkins
69 Notice of Intent to Home School NOI Student Support Services Trish Wilcox
70 Office of Early Childhood Website OEC Information & Data Portals Tonya Williams
71 Pathways to Licensure: Alternate Routes Website EEL - ALT Human Capital: Licensure Tools Karli Saracini
72 Professional Development Submission & Management System PDSAM District Operations & Fiscal Governance Bobette Ray
73 Scholarship Application Management System SAMS Student Support Services Alisha Lewis
74 Scholarship Application Management System - SAMS Portal SAMS - P Student Support Services Alisha Lewis
75 School Dude SDU Facilities and Transportation Darrell Tessman
76 School Personnel Directory SPD Directory Apps Rionel Tee
77 Security Resources Portal SRP District Operations & Fiscal Governance Bobby Downum
78 SIS Cycle Status Dashboard SIS - CSD District Operations & Fiscal Governance Reshmi Jose
79 SPED Monitoring and Management System SMMS Student Support Services Matt Sewell
80 Standards For Accreditation SFA District Operations & Fiscal Governance Dr. Matthew Sutherlin
81 Statewide Community Resources Portal SCR Student Support Services Missy Walley
82 Statewide Information System SIS District Operations & Fiscal Governance Reshmi Jose
83 Statewide Information System - Handbook Portal SIS - H Information & Data Portals Jeff Cantwell
84 Statewide Information System Reports (Legacy Data Center) SISR Information & Data Portals Michelle Staton
85 Student Management System ESP Academics Carmen Jordan
86 Succeed Scholarship Program SSP Student Support Services Rhonda Saunders

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