Statewide Information System Reports


Report Categories

UPDATE: Statewide Information System Reports has been updated with SIS Cycle 5 Certified Data for SY 2017-2018!

The Statewide Information System Reports (SIS) is a collection of public data from Arkansas K-12 Public Schools. Using this site, one can access report statistics on topics such as bus counts, course enrollment totals, finance, student demographics, teacher and staff counts and much more. Data Reports are available based on a variety of subject area at the State (SEA); County; District (LEA) and School levels. The Statewide Information Reports are sourced off the Arkansas’s Department of Education’s State Data Warehouse which is populated using the Cycle Certified data as submitted as the school districts, 9 times a year.

The site has been designed to have a uniformity of reports at all levels - State (SEA); County; District (LEA) and School levels depending upon a user’s need and is extremely useful for Educators; School Districts and Researchers. A dynamic ‘search capability’ has been incorporated in to the Statewide Information Reports reporting tool to make it user and report-target friendly. One can find data from school year, 2004 – 2005 to school year, 2012 – 2013 (9 year time-span) because of the longitudinal nature of the department’s State Data Warehouse.


  • The ADA-ADM-ADT reports for all levels - State, Counties, Districts, and Schools, does not account for resubmissions made for the current school year.
  • Dropout and Retention Reports on Statewide are reported in current year for prior year data.