Application Status

This page offers performance information for ADE Data Center Applications and System services. Unless otherwise noted, this status information applies to school districts services as well as services for the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) using the ADE Data Center Applications and System Tools.

Check back here any time to view the current status of the services listed below.

Live Systems: 65 WIP Projects: 3 Archive Systems: 61 Grand Total: 129

System Online System Outage

Central Administration

System Name System Code Launch Year
ADE Acronym Translator AAT 2015
ADE Commissioner's Memo ACM 2015
ADE Employees Directory AED 2016
AEI - Communications Command Center CCC 2015
AEI - Communications Service Center CSC 2015
AEI - Meeting Scheduler MS 2015
Community Advisory Board Application CABA 2016
LEA Locator LEA - L 2016
NCES ID System NID 2016
School Personnel Directory SPD 2016

Educator Effectiveness & Licensure

System Name System Code Launch Year
AELS Expiration Notification System AELSX 2018
AELS Professional Licensure Description PLD 2018
Arkansas Educator Licensure System AELS 2012
Arkansas Educator Statistical System AESS 2013
Educator Preparation Provider Reports EPPR 2018
Job Code Management System JCMS 2011

Fiscal and Administrative Services

System Name System Code Launch Year
Abstract of Assessment Reporting System AARS 2014
AEI - Human Resources Command Center HRCC 2015
AEI - Office Supply Inventory AEI - OSI 2018
Asset Management System AMS 2018
Duplicate Enrollment Audit Portal DEAP 2018
Intranet Forms System - Pool Vehicle Request IFS - PVR 2019
Intranet Forms System - Supply Requistion List IFS - SRL 2019
Time & Leave Management System TLMS 2014
Travel & Expense Management System TEMS 2017

Learning Services

System Name System Code Launch Year
Course Approval System CAS 2016
Course Code Management System CCMS 2011
Notice of Intent to Home School NOI 2018
Professional Development Submission & Management System PDSAM 2016

Public School Accountability

System Name System Code Launch Year
Accountability Reports Center ARC 2013
ADE Cohort Graduation Rates System ACGRS 2017
ADE School Report Card SRC 2014
Assessment Correction Engine ACE 2014
Federal Grants Management System FGMS 2018
Standards For Accreditation SFA 2018

Research and Technology

System Name System Code Launch Year
Account Notification Management System ANMS 2015
Arkansas Digital Sandbox ADS 2017
Arkansas Student Intervention System ASIS 2014
Arkansas studentGPS Dashboards SGPS 2013
ASIS - Demo Site ASIS - D 2015
District Access Information DAI 2017
LEA Management System LEAMS 2013
Security Resources Portal SRP 2013
TRIAND Electronic Transcripts TRIAND 2008

Office of Information Technology

System Name System Code Launch Year
ADE Data Center ADC 2009
ADE Data Center - Content Management System CMS 2019
ADE Data Center - Single Sign On ADC - SSO 2017
ADE Intranet Portal AIP 2019
ADE Quick Links AQL 2015
ADE State Data Warehouse SDW 2008
AEI - Cycle Ticket System CTS 2015
AEI - R&T Developer Dashboard RTDD 2015
AEI - R&T Knowledge Base RTKB 2015
AEI - Report Management System RMS 2014
AEI - Tech Support Ticket System TSTS 2014
Arkansas Longitudinal Data System ALDS 2014
Data & Research Request Application DRRA 2016
Entity Resolution Engine ERE 2014
Information Technology Quick Links ITQL 2018
My School Info MSI 2016
School Report Card - Data By LEA SRC - LEA 2015
State Data Warehouse - Extract Transform Load (Rewrite) SDW - ETL 2015
Statewide Information System SIS 2011
Statewide Information System (eFinancePlus) SIS - EFP 2015
Statewide Information System Reports SISR 2019

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