Welcome to Statewide Information System

The Statewide Information System (SIS) is a web-based system developed by the Arkansas Department of Education’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) division to enable school districts to submit and certify data to the State. The system will be used by school districts using eSchoolPlus software. The system has the capability to pull data from various source systems like StudentPlus/eSchoolPlus and, FinancePlus districts pertaining to Student Management System (SMS) and Financial Management System (FMS) on a nightly as well as on-demand basis as required by school districts. The SIS Cycle Submission process was developed to replace an existing system through which districts reviewed summarized financial and student information before submitting and certifying the data to the State.

Statewide Information System Reports

The Statewide Information System Reports is a collection of public data from Arkansas Public Schools on topics such as finance, student demographics, course enrollment totals, and much more at the State (SEA); County; District (LEA) and School (SCH) levels.

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Course Code Management System

The Course Code Management System (CCMS) may be used to verify course codes are entered on student and master course schedules in accordance with the ADE’s published course code guidelines. The CCMS also contains the licensure codes required to teach a course at certain grade levels. The CCMS may be printed online or exported into a spreadsheet.

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Job Code Management System

The Job Code Management System (JCMS) lists both certified and class job codes, job titles, required licensure codes and applicable student grade ranges for a the licensure code. The JCMS data may be printed online are exported into a spreadsheet.

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