ADE Service Directory

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Topic Contact Name Phone
21st Century Community Learning Centers Tim Bullington 501-683-5423
900 Series Student ID Cindy Wilkinson 501-371-1283
Accessibility Issues (Web and Digital Content) Kimberly Mundell 501-683-4788
Accessibility Issues (Web and Digital Content) Arijit Sarkar 501-682-1524
Accommodations for Children with Disabilities Robin Stripling 501-682-4296
After School and Out of School Programs Tim Bullington 501-683-5423
Alternative Education Jared Hogue 501-324-9660
Arkansas Academic Standards Learning Services
Arkansas Governor's School Krystal Nail 501-683-1533
Arkansas Initiative for Instructional Materials (AIIM) Dr. Kiffany Pride 501-682-4265
Arkansas LEARNS Arkansas LEARNS
Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission DuShun Scarbrough 501-683-1300
Arkansas State Library Jennifer Chilcoat 501-682-2848
Arkansas Statistical Report (ASR) (Finance) Anita Freer 501-682-4484
Arkansas Teacher of the Year Brandy Howell 501-683-4786
ArkansasIDEAS Suzanne Jones 501-683-5266
ArPEP (Arkansas Professional Educator Pathway) Stephanie Hall 501-682-4589
ASB Accessibility Issues (Web and Digital Content) William Harrison 501-296-1816
ASD Accessibility Issues (Web and Digital Content) Faysal Ahmed 501-324-9528
Assessment (ACT, CCR Tools, Testing) Michelle Johnson 501-404-6234
Assessment Property Values (Finance) Patricia Monterroso 501-682-4485
Assistant Commissioner of Early Childhood Tonya Williams 501-320-8953
Assistant Commissioner of Educator Effectiveness and Licensure Karli Saracini 501-683-4095
Assistant Commissioner of Federal Programs Matt Sewell 501-682-4074
Assistant Commissioner of Learning Services Kiffany Pride 501-682-4265
Assistant Commissioner of Public School Accountability Hope Worsham 501-682-1298
Assistant Commissioner of School Choice and Parent Empowerment Darrell Smith 501-682-4397
Associate Deputy Commissioner of Coordinated Support and Service Sheila Whitlow 501-206-1711
Associate Deputy Commissioner of District Operations Eric Saunders 501-683-0737
Athletics Arkansas Activities Association
Average Daily Membership (for Funding) Vivian Roberts 501-682-4486
Background Checks Clara Toney 501-683-3127
Bullying Oliver Dillingham 501-682-4213
Career Continuum Bobette Ray 501-350-0188
Charter Schools Tim Johnston 501-682-5665
Chief Legal Counsel Andres Rhodes 501-682-4234
Chief of Staff Courtney Salas-Ford 501-682-4752
Child Nutrition, Early Childhood Pamela Burton 501-320-8978
Child Nutrition, K-12 Suzanne Davidson 501-324-9502
Children and Youth with Sensory Impairments (CAYSI) Michelle Alvarez 501-647-7840
Code of Ethics / PLSB Whitney James 501-682-0166
College Scholarships / Financial Aid Financial Aid Office
Commissioner of Higher Education Ken Warden 501-371-2031
Communications / Media Inquiries Kimberly Mundell 501-683-4788
Community Service Learning Amber Pirnique 501-682-5764
Computer Science Adam Musto 501-682-3386
Course Approvals Amy Counts 501-682-4311
CTE - Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Jason Binz 501-682-1598
CTE - Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Samantha McCullah 501-682-2561
CTE - Architecture & Construction Jeff Parks 501-683-2955
CTE - Architecture & Construction Allison Carter 501-683-5379
CTE - Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Jeff Parks 501-683-2955
CTE - Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Mary Beth Ivie 501-682-1115
CTE - Business Management & Administration Matt Burns 501-682-6271
CTE - Business Management & Administration Morgan Ruff 501-682-1774
CTE - Career Coaches Mary Beck 501-682-4834
CTE - Education & Training Mary Beth Ivie 501-682-1115
CTE - Finance Morgan Ruff 501-682-1774
CTE - Government & Public Administration Jeff Parks 501-683-2955
CTE - Health Science Matt Burns 501-682-6271
CTE - Health Science Allison Carter 501-683-5379
CTE - Hospitality & Tourism Mary Beth Ivie 501-682-1115
CTE - Hospitality & Tourism Morgan Ruff 501-682-1774
CTE - Human Services Mary Beth Ivie 501-682-1115
CTE - Information Technology Adam Musto 501-682-3386
CTE - Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Matt Burns 501-682-6271
CTE - Manufacturing Jeff Parks 501-683-2955
CTE - Marketing Morgan Ruff 501-682-1774
CTE - Perkins V Tim Johnston 501-683-1705
CTE - Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Allison Carter 501-683-5379
CTE - Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics Morgan Ruff 501-682-1774
CTE - Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics Keith McKnight 501-682-1125
CTSOs (Career and Technical Student Associations) Bart Draper 501-682-1705
Curriculum - Fine Arts Sarah Burns 501-683-4905
Curriculum - Health and Physical Education Lisa Mundy 501-683-3587
Curriculum - Literacy Amber Pirnique 501-682-5764
Curriculum - Mathematics Kisa Morman 501-682-1491
Curriculum - Science Katie Chacon 501-537-5722
Curriculum - Social Studies Ronda Smith 501-682-7816
Curriculum - STEM / Ready for STEM Michele Snyder 501-682-7942
Curriculum - World Languages Sarah Burns 501-683-4905
Curriculum Support Amy Counts 501-682-4311
Cybersecurity Jeff Killingsworth 501-683-0560
Data Request Linda Jenkins 501-682-5885
Deputy Secretary of Education Stacy Smith 501-683-4783
DESE Website Felecia Green 501-682-3633
Digital Providers Dr. Ernie Huff 501-683-4228
Director of Career and Technical Education Ross White 501-682-4801
Director of Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation Tim Cain 501-682-4261
DIS Help Desk 1-800-435-7989
District Support / Levels of Support Dr. Laura Goadrich 501-682-5296
Duplicate Enrollment Audits Tammi Rickert 501-682-9036
Dyslexia Vicki King 501-682-3213
Early Childhood - Arkansas Better Chance Lori Bridges 501-682-5557
Early Childhood - Better Beginnings Lori Bridges 501-682-5557
Early Childhood - Content & Workforce Knowledge Lori Bridges 501-682-5557
Early Childhood - Direct Services Tonya Williams 501-320-8953
Early Childhood - Licensing Dawn Jeffrey 870-698-4327
Early Childhood - Local Leads Jennifer Douglas 501-712-6398
EDFacts Reporting Linda Jenkins 501-682-5885
Education Freedom Accounts Darrell Smith 501-682-4397
Education Renewal Zones (ERZ) Missy Walley 501-682-4988
Educator Licensure Matthew Sutherlin 501-682-8526
Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) Matthew Sutherlin 501-682-8526
Educator Workforce Data Sharlee Crowson 501-682-6349
eFinance/APSCN Financial Management Nona Comer 501-682-2880
English Language Learners Maria Touchstone 501-682-1874
ESA Programs Saliha Qazi 501-682-4228
eSchool/APSCN Student Management Carmen Jordan 501-682-4887
Facilities Tyrel Pace 501-682-4261
Family and Community Engagement Freddie Scott 501-683-6286
Federal Programs Jayne Green 501-682-2395
Fiscal Services (Budgeting, Annual Financial Report, Fiscal Distress) Saliha Qazi 501-682-4228
Foster Care David Terrell 501-534-3896
Freedom of Information Act Kalee Haywood 501-682-4251
Gifted and Talented (G/T, AP, IB) Krystal Nail 501-683-1533
Gun Free Schools Act (Annual Report) Chante'le' Williams 501-682-1699
Higher Education Academic Affairs Mason Campbell 501-371-2044
Higher Education Finance Nicholas Fuller 501-371-2026
Higher Education Operations Alisha Lewis 501-320-3095
Home Schools Adrienne Williams 501-683-3162
Human Resources Scott Carnes 501-537-9686
JAG (Jobs for Arkansas Graduates) Jessica Thomas 501-682-1143
LEA Assignments Carmen Jordan 501-682-4887
Library Media Cassandra Barnett 501-682-6576
Licensure Assessments (Praxis) Michael Rowland 501-682-1146
Licensure Exceptions Annette Childs 501-682-1032
McKinney-Vento / Homeless Children and Youth Jessica Hickman 501-683-5428
Medicaid in the Schools Jerri Clark 501-683-2729
Mentoring Angie Gilbert 501-682-3606
Military Families and Veterans John Kaminar 501-683-5188
Millage (School Election Results) Patricia Monterroso 501-682-4485
Miscellaneous Funds David Allison 501-682-4494
National Board Certification Darlene Kirkpatrick 501-683-1524
Office of Fiscal and Administrative Services / Chief Fiscal Officer Greg Rogers 501-682-4476
Office of Information Technology Linda Carter 501-371-5005
Office of Information Technology / Chief Information Officer Arijit Sarkar 501-682-1524
Other Questions Arkansas Department of Education
Pathways to Licensure Melissa Jacks 501-683-0169
Payment Notifications (Charters/School Districts) Vivian Roberts 501-682-4486
Payment Notifications (Charters/School Districts) David Allison 501-682-4494
Performance Measures / Evaulation System Andy Sullivan 501-682-2155
Private School Ombudsman Elizabeth Gomez 501-682-5295
Professional Development Bobette Ray 501-683-1224
Professional Learning Communities Missy Walley 501-682-4988
Recognition Programs Karli Saracini 501-683-4095
RISE Arkansas / Science of Reading Sandy Shepard 501-682-9961
Salary Schedules Patricia Monterroso 501-682-4485
School Based Mental Health Jerri Clark 501-683-2729
School Choice / Legal Transfers Stephen Reynolds 501-682-4899
School Counseling Rodney Ford 501-682-5144
School Elections Patricia Monterroso 501-682-4485
School Health Services Jerri Clark 501-683-2729
School Improvement / 1003 Dr. Ginny Stroud 501-682-6620
School Nursing Cheria Lindsey 501-683-3586
School Performance and Monitoring (ESSA, Letter Grade, Graduation Rate, Assessment Corrections Engine) Tiffani Grayer 501-683-1024
School Personnel Directory Reshmi Jose 501-371-5091
School Safety Jerry Keefer 501-683-5266
Schools of Innovation Missy Walley 501-682-4988
Secretary of Education Jacob Oliva 501-682-4203
Section 504 Lance LeVar 501-682-0783
Special Education Jeff Adams 501-683-3745
Special Education - Budgets and Funding Josh Hart 501-682-4294
Special Education - Curriculum and Assessment Robin Stripling 501-682-4296
Special Education - Deaf Education Stacey Tatera 501-683-5606
Special Education - Early Childhood (Birth - 5 years) Danita Pitts 501-682-4289
Special Education - Education Services for the Visually Impaired (ESVI) Christi Dixon 501-374-5517
Special Education - Federal Reporting Jody Fields 501-916-5861
Special Education - Hearings and Complaint Management Rick Porter 501-682-0113
Special Education - Meaningful Access Project (Formerly Inclusive Practices) Becky McIver 501-682-4222
Special Education - Monitoring and Program Effectiveness Yvonne Greene 501-682-4225
Special Education - Nontraditional Programs Kristin Watson 501-682-4225
Special Education - Paraprofessional Rhonda Saunders 501-682-4281
Special Education - State Operated Programs Kristin Watson 501-682-4225
Special Education - Student Data & Research Jody Fields 501-916-5861
Standards for Accreditation (School Calendar, Waivers, Complaints) Brooke McCain 501-682-4379
State Aid Notices (Charters/School Districts) David Allison 501-682-4494
State Aid Notices (Charters/School Districts) Vivian Roberts 501-682-4486
State Board of Education Kelicia Hollis 501-682-4203
State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) Crystal Bethea 501-319-7091
State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) Becky McIver 501-682-4222
Statewide Information Systems (SIS) Reshmi Jose 501-371-5091
THRIVE Arkansas Russ Sherrill 501-682-3456
Tier I Anita Freer 501-682-4484
Title I Elizabeth Gomez 501-682-5295
Title I, Part A / Private Schools Elizabeth Gomez 501-682-5295
Title I, Part C / Migrant Education Program Damaris Tomlison 501-529-3200
Title I, Part D / Neglected and Delinquent David Terrell 501-534-3896
Title II / Professional Development Whitney Bordelon 501-371-3471
Title III / English Learners Maria Touchstone 501-682-1874
Title IV, Part A / Stronger Connections Whitney Bordelon 501-371-3471
Title IV, Part A / Student Support (SSAE) Whitney Bordelon 501-371-3471
Transportation Mike Simmons 501-682-4497
Triand / Student Transcripts Angel Peugh 501-539-0135
Tutoring Services (AR Tutoring Corps, Literacy Tutoring Grant, High-Impact Tutoring) Missy Walley 501-682-4988
Virtual Arkansas John Ashworth 501-477-2781
Waivers Andres Rhodes 501-682-4234
Work-Based Learning Daniel Muilenburg 501-682-2371