Due Date Submission Type Data-Report Name Contact Telephone Division
12/15/2019 Electronic Child Nutrition District Verification Summary Data Report (FNS-742) Donna Ratliff/Susie Ward 501-324-9502 Central Administration - Child Nutrition
--NA-- Electronic Districts are required to have an annual audit conducted each year. If a district elects to use a private CPA firm rather than Legislative Audit, the report is due within nine months of fiscal year end. If a district has been identified as being in fiscal distress, the report is due within six months of year-end. Audit report and working papers must be filed with ADE Alisa Moore 501-682-5059 Fiscal & Administrative Services
--NA-- Electronic *All districts are required to provide ending cash balance for CN Program on June claim. 501-324-9502 Central Administration - Child Nutrition
--NA-- Average Teacher Salary Patricia Monterroso 501-682-4485 Fiscal & Administrative Services
--NA-- The use of NSLA state categorical funding and the status of chronically underperforming schools Fiscal & Administrative Services
--NA-- Best Financial Management Practices Review Fiscal & Administrative Services
--NA-- Impact of National School Lunch students categorical funding provided under A.C.A. §6-20-2305(b)(4) on closing the achievement gap Fiscal & Administrative Services

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