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ADE State Data Warehouse

The ADE State Data Warehouse is built on the IBM® Business Intelligence (BI) software, Cognos® platform, and is used by Arkansas to meet the state, cooperative, district and school-level data reporting needs. Cognos® provides business intelligence data warehouses through its Educational Performance Management System (EPMS). The state data warehouse is updated nine times per year through the statewide information system (SIS). In additional to live and longitudinal reporting, IBM Cognos® is used to provide dashboards to educational stakeholders. Dashboards offer feature-rich visualizations to allow users to “drill-up” and “drill-down” on pre-built reports to examine areas of academic strength and weakness.

Related Systems

LEA Management System

LEAMS is one stop guide for all active LEA’s (Local Education Agency) for the current school year. LEAMS displays LEA information (Number and Name) along with address information for all LEA’s across the state and has four major segments pertaining to Co-operatives; Districts; Schools and, Counties.

Contact Person Address Book

CPAB is one stop guide for all levels (Co-op; District and School) of LEA contact person’s (coordinator’s) information for the current school year. CPAB has six major segments pertaining to Contact Person – Co-Op File; Contact Person – District File; Contact Person – School File; Directory – Co-Op File; Directory – District File and, Directory – School File.

ADE Data Center

The ADE Data Center is a collection of data tools and reports for educators, parents, and anyone interested in official data from the Arkansas Department of Education.

Statewide Information System Reports

The Statewide Information System Reports is a collection of public data from Arkansas Public Schools on topics such as finance, student demographics, course enrollment totals, and much more at the State (SEA); County; District (LEA) and School (SCH) levels.