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Special Education Early Intervening Services 2 (School Age Only) (ER)


ID Element Name Type Size Values Cycle



Fiscal Year - The fiscal year that this reporting represents:
For the 2022-2023 reporting year fy must be = 33

fy Num 2 Table 7

Cycle - The reporting cycle for which the data is submitted:

7 = June 15th
cycle Num 2 Table 7

LEA, District/Coop -Local Education Agency, the unique seven-digit number assigned by the ADE to identify individual county, district, and cooperative. The first two digits represent the county, the second two digits represent the district, and the last three digits represent the individual school, for example:

60 = Pulaski County
01 = Little Rock School District
000 = N/A (zeroes for district)
lea Alpha 7 Appendix B,D 7

SSN, Student - The nine-digit Social Security number of the student. If a student's SSN cannot be obtained, then the ADE assigned number as required by Arkansas Code Ann. 6-18-208 should be used. This number should remain the same throughout the student's school career.

ssn Alpha 9 7

Special Education Early Intervening Services (School Age Only) – Services provided to “students in kindergarten through grade 12…who have not been identified as needing special education or related services but need additional academic and behavioral supports to succeed in a general education environment” IDEA, Sec. 612, (f) (1).


State Unique Identifier - The unique 10-digit Triand identifier generated for the student by the state

uniq_stu_id Alpha 10 ########## 7

Type of Early Intervening Services - Indicate the type of Early Intervening Services the student is receiving and the date the service began andor ended.

SB - School Based Mental Health
AT - Adaptive Technology
LI - Literacy Instruction
MI - Math Instruction
SI - Science Instruction
AS - Adaptive Software
BE - Behavioral Evaluation
OS - Other Services
CB - Counseling/Behavioral Intervention
LS - Language Skills
RH - Section 504 of Rehab Act

type_serv Alpha 2 Table 7

Other Services - If other (OS), enter the name of the service being provided.

oth_servs Alpha 30 7

Begin Date of Service - Date on which the Early Intervening Service began.

begin_date Date 8 MMDDYYYY 7

End Date of Service - Date on which the Early Intervening Service ended.

end_date Date 8 MMDDYYYY 7
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