Database Schema for Handbook 2023-2024

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Aledays - Days in ALE (AL)

[aledays ]

ID Element Name Type Size Values Cycle



Fiscal Year - The fiscal year that this reporting represents:
For the 2022-2023 reporting year fy must be = 33

fy Num 2 Table 3,5,6,7

Cycle - The reporting cycle for which the data is submitted: 

3 = November 15th
5 = February 15th
6 = April 15th
7 = June 15th
cycle Num 2 Table 3,5,6,7

LEA, School -Local Education Agency, the unique seven-digit number assigned by the ADE to identify individual county, district, schools, cooperatives, and vocational institutions. The first two digits represent the county, the second two digits represent the district, and the last three digits represent the individual school, for example:

60 = Pulaski County
01 = Little Rock School District
001 = Hall High School
lea Alpha 7 Appendix C 3,5,6,7

SSN, Student - The nine-digit Social Security number of the student. If a student’s SSN cannot be obtained, then the ADE assigned number as required by Arkansas Code Ann. 6-18-208 should be used. This number should remain the same throughout the student’s school career.

ssn Alpha 9 ######### 3,5,6,7



State Reporting ID - The unique 10-digit Triand identifier generated for the student by the state.

uniq_stu_id Alpha 10 ########## 3,5,6,7

ALE Entry Date - The date the student entered the ALE learning environment.

entry_date Date 8 MMDDYYYY 3,5,6,7

ALE Exit Date - The date the student exited the ALE learning environment.

exit_date Date 8 MMDDYYYY 3,5,6,7

Consecutive Days Flag - This flag indicates the student has been in the ALE learning environment for at least 20 consecutive days.

consec_flag Alpha 1 # 3,5,6,7

Number of Days in ALE - The total number of days in the ALE curriculum for the cycle.

ale_days Dec 5,2 ###.## 3,5,6,7

Special Education Status - Was the student active in the Special Education School Age program anytime during the ALE Entry Date and ALE Exit Date?

sped_status Alpha 1 Y/N 3,5,6,7

ALE Program Type - This indicates the type of the ALE Program the student is in

T - Traditional
H - Hybrid
(A.C.A 6-48-101)
ale_type Alpha 1 T/H 3,5,6,7
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