Database Schema for Handbook 2021-2022

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Professional Development (PD)


ID Element Name Type Size Values Cycle



Fiscal Year - The fiscal year that this reporting represents:
For the 2021-2022 reporting year fy must be = 32

fy Num 2 Table 8

Cycle - The reporting cycle for which the data is submitted:

8 = July 31st
cycle Num 2 Table 8

LEA, School -Local Education Agency, the unique seven-digit number assigned by the ADE to identify individual county, district, schools, cooperatives, and vocational institutions. The first two digits represent the county, the second two digits represent the district, and the last three digits represent the individual school, for example:

60 = Pulaski County
01 = Little Rock School District
002 = Hall High School
lea Alpha 7 Appendix C 8

Social Security Number - This is the social security number for the teacher or superintendent ADE assigned number designated to a course for identification purposes.

ssn Alpha 9 ######### 8



State Reporting ID, Staff - The unique 10-digit Triand identifier generated for the teacher by the state.

uniq_emp_id Alpha 10 ######## ## 8

Job Type - The type of job performed by the employee.

A = Full Time Administrator
T =Teacher or Part Time Administrator

job_type Alpha 1 8

Professional Development Hours, Total - Has this person completed 60 or more hours of professional development inclusive of the required areas of professional development while employed as either a teacher or administrator?

profdev_hr Dec 5,2 ##.## 8
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