Database Schema for Handbook 2021-2022

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Calendar (CA)


ID Element Name Type Size Values Cycle



Fiscal Year - The fiscal year that this reporting represents:
For the 2021-2022 reporting year fy must be = 32

fy Num 2 Table 1-7

Cycle - The reporting cycle for which the data is submitted:

1 = September 30th
2 = October 15th
3 = November 15th
4 = December 15th
5 = February 15th
6 = April 15th
7 = June 15th
cycle Num 2 Table 1-7

LEA, School -Local Education Agency, the unique seven-digit number assigned by the ADE to identify individual county, district, schools, cooperatives, and vocational institutions. The first two digits represent the county, the second two digits represent the district, and the last three digits represent the individual school, for example:

60 = Pulaski County
01 = Little Rock School District
002 = Hall High School
lea Alpha 7 Appendix C 1-7

CalendarThe building calendar for the current school year that includes all dates, quarter and semester designations.


Calendar Date - The date from the school calendar.

cal_date Date 8 MMDDYYYY 1-7

Membership Day - Indicates if the calendar date is included in membership.

mem_day Alpha 1 Y/N 1-7

Calendar Number - Indicate the calendar day number for the calendar date.

cal_no Num 3 ### 1-7

Membership Number - Indicate the membership day number for the calendar date.

mem_no Num 3 ### 1-7

Quarter - Indicates the quarter in which the calendar day is located.

quarter Num 2 ## 1-7

Semester - Indicates the semester, which the calendar day is located.

sem Num 1 # 1-7

Day Type - Indicates the reason a calendar date is not included in membership.

day_typ Alpha 3 ### 1-7

Membership Value - Indicate the membership value for the calendar date.

member_value Dec 3 #.## 1-7
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