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The Contact Person Address Book (CPAB) is one stop guide for all levels (Co-op; District and School) of LEA contact person’s (coordinator’s) information for the current school year. CPAB has six major segments namely Contact Person – Co-Op, Contact Person – District, Contact Person – School, Directory – Co-Op, Directory – District, Directory – School.

Note: The contact information comes from Certified cycle submissions. If the information needs an update, Please contact your SIS cycle coordinator and have it updated in Lea Profile.

School Year 2015 - 2016: Statewide Information System Cycle 2

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CountyDistrict LEADistrict NameCoordinator TitleCoordinator NameWork NumberFax NumberEmail
ARKANSAS  0101000 Dewitt School District Equity – 504 Disability Coordinator Winnie Wilson 870-946-2541870-946-2545
ARKANSAS  0104000 Stuttgart School District NA James O'neal 870-673-8701870-673-7337
ASHLEY  0201000 Crossett School District Bus Inspector Phillip Kelley 870-364-3112870-364-1607
ASHLEY  0203000 Hamburg School District General Business Manager Ben Lawrence 870-853-9851870-853-2842
BAXTER  0302000 Cotter School District Equity - Gender Donald Sharp 870-435-6171870-435-1300
BAXTER  0303000 Mountain Home School District Equity – National Origin Leah Cotter 870-425-1201870-425-1316
BAXTER  0304000 Norfork School District Liaison for Homeless Bobby Hulse 870-499-5228870-499-5659
BENTON  0401000 Bentonville School District Test Coordinator Karen Compton 479-254-5000479-271-1159
BENTON  0401000 Bentonville School District Technology Coordinator Andrew Mayes 479-254-5052479-271-1159
BENTON  0402000 Decatur School District Safe and Drug-Free Schools (SDFS) Coordinator Hanna Hawkins 479-752-3983479-752-2491
BENTON  0403000 Gentry School District Superintendent Randy Barrett 479-736-2253479-736-2245
BENTON  0404000 Gravette School District Safe and Drug-Free Schools (SDFS) Coordinator Stephanie Summerford 479-787-4100479-787-4108
BENTON  0405000 Rogers School District FMS Coordinator Jake Haak 479-636-3910479-631-3504
BENTON  0406000 Siloam Springs School District Equity – Race Charlotte Earwood 479-524-3191479-549-8002
BENTON  0407000 Pea Ridge School District FMS Coordinator Bonnie Colville 800-451-0032479-431-6095
CHICOT  0901000 Dermott School District Treasurer April Cantrell 870-538-1000870-538-1005
MILLER  4605000 Texarkana School District Equity – National Origin Terri Martinez 870-772-3371870-773-2602
WHITE  7307000 Riverview School District Bus Inspector Mark Rush 501-279-7700501-279-2848
WHITE  7309000 Pangburn School District Equity – National Origin Jennifer Hutchings 501-728-3513501-728-4514
BENTON  0440700 Arkansas Arts Academy Treasurer Beverly White 479-878-2787479-878-2790
BENTON  0442700 Responsive Ed Solutions Northwest Ark Classical Academy Equity - Gender Curtis Shack 479-282-9971972-315-9506
BENTON  0443700 Haas Hall Bentonville Test Coordinator Becky Cantey 479-268-3424--
BOONE  0501000 Alpena School District SMS Coordinator Stephanie Tanner 870-437-2220807-437-2133
BOONE  0502000 Bergman School District Equity – 504 Disability Coordinator Sandra Todd 870-741-1414870-741-6701
BOONE  0503000 Harrison School District General Business Manager Vickie Brown 870-741-7600--
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