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The Contact Person Address Book (CPAB) is one stop guide for all levels (Co-op; District and School) of LEA contact person’s (coordinator’s) information for the current school year. CPAB has six major segments namely Contact Person – Co-Op, Contact Person – District, Contact Person – School, Directory – Co-Op, Directory – District, Directory – School.

Note: The contact information comes from Certified cycle submissions. If the information needs an update, Please contact your SIS cycle coordinator and have it updated in Lea Profile.

School Year 2014 - 2015: Statewide Information System Cycle 5

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CountyDistrict LEADistrict NameCoordinator TitleCoordinator NameWork NumberFax NumberEmail
ARKANSAS  0101000 Dewitt School District Federal Program Coordinator Julie Adams
ARKANSAS  0101000 Dewitt School District Liaison for Homeless Julie Adams
ARKANSAS  0104000 Stuttgart School District Equity – 504 Disability Coordinator Paula Mannis
ASHLEY  0201000 Crossett School District Technology Coordinator Lisa Sharp
ASHLEY  0203000 Hamburg School District Equity – Race Doretta Griffin
BAXTER  0302000 Cotter School District Technology Coordinator Christopher Knight 870-435-6171870-435-1300
BAXTER  0303000 Mountain Home School District SMS Coordinator Colleen Johnson
BAXTER  0304000 Norfork School District Equity – Race Dena Mcneely
BENTON  0401000 Bentonville School District ALE Contact Person Tanya Sharp
BENTON  0401000 Bentonville School District FMS Coordinator Sterling Ming 479-254-5000479-271-1159
BENTON  0402000 Decatur School District FMS Coordinator Terri Burden 479-752-3986479-752-2490
BENTON  0404000 Gravette School District Federal Program Coordinator Stephanie Summerford
BENTON  0404000 Gravette School District Treasurer Bill Hayford
BENTON  0406000 Siloam Springs School District Compliance Doris Henderson
BENTON  0406000 Siloam Springs School District Superintendent Kendall Ramey
BRADLEY  0602000 Warren School District NA Charla Morgan
CRAIGHEAD  1602000 Westside Cons. Sch Dist(craigh Federal Program Coordinator Brenda Tash
JOHNSON  3604000 Lamar School District Equity – 504 Disability Coordinator Joyce Sanderson
POINSETT  5604000 Marked Tree School District Compliance Annesa Thompson
BENTON  0440700 Arkansas Arts Academy Bus Inspector Mary Ley
BENTON  0442700 Responsive Ed Solutions Northwest Ark Classical Academy Compliance Curtis Shack
BOONE  0501000 Alpena School District Treasurer Cathie Paul
BOONE  0502000 Bergman School District Equity - Gender Karen Flud
BOONE  0503000 Harrison School District Equity – 504 Disability Coordinator Susan Gilley
BOONE  0504000 Omaha School District Bus Inspector Gerald Pearson
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