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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Arkansas StudentGPS Dashboards

The dashboards were designed with the help of teachers, campus, district, and regional leaders, and educational cooperatives across Arkansas. The dashboards will allow educators to utilize education data in practical and powerful ways and promote data-driven decision making in the classroom. The dashboards provide educators a web-based solution to view all of the information they need in one central location.

  • Student Demographic Information
  • Grades & Credits
  • Discipline (State & Local)
  • Attendance
  • State Assessments
  • Local Assessments
  • Student Growth Percentile
    *Local assessment data is only available if the district is using The Learning Institute (TLI), Public Consulting Group (PCG), or the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA).
  • Transcript

Where does the information come from?

  • eSchool Plus
  • Statewide Information System (SIS)
  • Arkansas Education Licensure System (AELS)
  • Course Code Management System

Who will get to use the dashboards?

All districts across the state will have access to the dashboards in alignment with their districts eSchoolPlus implementation. In Fall 2013, 117 school districts will have access to the dashboards. All remaining districts will have access to the dashboards during the 2014-2015 school year.

How much money does it cost for districts to have the dashboards available?

There will be no cost for districts to use the dashboards. The Arkansas Department of Education is developing the dashboards through the Research & Technology annual budget and leveraging existing IT infrastructure. Additionally, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation generously provided the Arkansas Department of Education with two grants to support the dashboards.

What is the current status of the dashboards?

In August 2013, the dashboards will be available to all districts that have implemented eSchoolPlus (Phases 1-3). All remaining districts will have access to the dashboards during the 2014-2015 school year.

Throughout the 2013 summer, professional development sessions was offered at educational cooperatives across the state. These sessions, in conjunction with webinars and online tutorials, will continue throughout the 2013-2014 school year. Training for the additional components that are currently in the development will be developed and added to the ADE Data Center training calendar as these features become available.

The training at the educational cooperatives will resume Summer 2014 for the districts that will become eligible for the StudentGPS dashboards in the 2014-2015 school year.

What are the future plans?

In August 2013, the Arkansas Department of Education was awarded a $1,440,000 grant from the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation to extend and enhance the Arkansas StudentGPS Dashboards in the key areas requested by stakeholders. Though not a comprehensive list, the new functionality includes the following:

  1. Inclusion of academic improvement and intervention plans, along with the development of an intervention effectiveness measure
  2. Additional student information, such as transportation data and medical alerts
  3. Dynamic student watch list creation based on personalized metric filters, such as attendance, discipline, course and assessment grades
  4. Customized thresholds for classroom-level student attendance
  5. Low-tech educator upload interface for local assessment data (in addition to local assessment data from vendors)

Development of these new features will kick-off in early August 2013 and will be added to the existing set of dashboards as they are developed. The development will not delay the sign-up of school districts that have opted to use Ed-Fi for the 2013-14 school year.

Where can I go for additional information?

ADE Data Center (
On the ADE additional information on the dashboards, training materials, and as well as information on the data systems that will supply the information for the dashboards.

Commissioner’s Memo
Commissioner’s Memo RT-13-002 was released on October 4, 2012 and provides additional information concerning the dashboards. Please click here to access the Commissioner’s Memo.

Arkansas Ed-Fi Advisory Council
The Arkansas StudentGPS Advisory Council allows participants to receive the latest information concerning the status of the Arkansas dashboards. The Advisory Council also helps the Arkansas Department of Education by providing additional feedback and suggestions concerning the dashboards. Please contact Holly Glover at or Katrina Craft at to sign-up for the advisory council.

Ed-Fi (
The Ed-Fi website provides additional information concerning the Ed-Fi solution, technical information, and frequently asked questions.